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DN03 Applying Hydroponics to Vegetable Production in Lien Chieu and Hoa Vang Districts, Da Nang

Implemented by:

Da Nang Youth Union of Department of Science and Technology


To change from traditional cultivation, which uses agricultural lands and much depends on weather and climate, to hydroponic cultivation, which doesn’t require using lands and is independent from the change in weather and climate.


The project aims to enable people living in dry soil, saline or exhausted soil to produce safe vegetables. Production uses 10-20% less water than in soil, and does not require pesticides. The hydroponic liquid food for vegetables is produced at home. The project should demonstrate to farmers and consumers, the techniques and benefits of hydroponic production in the context of climate change.

Farmers are trained in hydroponic cultivation. Equipment and materials are purchased to produce the hydroponic liquid cultivation food. The implementation team provide support to farmers to use the techniques and to care for and grow the vegetables. Vegetables are harvested, while equipment and materials are all re-used. A workshop in Da Nang City at the end of the project demonstrated the benefits of the project to relevant stakeholders in government departments and local organisations.  The local city ‘Climate Change Coordination Office’ (CCCO) now recommends the project be replicated in similar neighbourhood communities.

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Group Leader: Nguyen Thi Ut,

Project Manager: Vu Thi My Hanh,

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