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DN07 Development of a Toolkit for training on Climate Change and Disaster Prevention for Teacher Trainers at the College of Education, Da Nang University

Implemented by:

Youth Union at Department of Biology and Environment, College of Education, Da Nang University


The College of Education of Da Nang University is one of the leading teacher training institutions in the Central region of Vietnam and also nationwide.  The College aims to equip student-teachers with necessary knowledge and skills to cope with climate change and disaster, enabling them to communicate effectively to pupils and to local communities.  This project aims to provide all student-teachers wth appropriate and sufficient awareness of climate change and its effects; and to provide communication skills to integrate the issue of climate change resilience into relevant teaching content for school pupils.


Initially the project team reviews and analyses existing local information on climate change and disaster prevention.  They survey other student-teachers to determine their awareness of climate change and disaster prevention, and they identify priority issues for the local region to integrate into the training content of the ‘Toolkit’.

Through workshops with experts and student teachers, the toolkit is developed, adjusted, finalized, and used for training.  An evaluation draws lessons and suggests follow-up measures.

The initiative enhances the knowledge and skills of student-teachers to cope with climate change and natural disasters.  As the future teachers in schools in Vietnam’s central region, they can spread knowledge and capacity among pupils and community, increasing capacity to cope with the impacts of climate change in this area of high vulnerability.

The Da Nang local government ‘Climate Change Coordination Office’ (CCCO) acknowledges that this project can have significant contribution to other climate change adaptation and resilience efforts in the city.  The CCCO plans to collaborate with this Youth Group and their project results.


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Group Leader: Ms Kieu Thi Kinh,

Project Manager: Vu Thi My Hanh,

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